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Digestive Health – Mahida Fatima

Digestive Health

What digestive challenges are more common in women?

What nutrient deficiencies are more common in women?


These are some of the questions I ask by starting with an Assessment and Testing to Determine Health of the Digestive System:

Do you eat under stress or in a relaxed situation?

Do you have any digestive complaints like heartburn, bloating and abdominal pain?

Do you notice any signs of nutrient malabsorption or deficiencies like hair loss, thin or weak nails, peripheral neuropathy, dry skin, muscle spasm or fatigue?

Do you have any other symptoms of food sensitivities such as skin issues, headaches, sinus infections, weight loss resistance, difficulty gaining weight, allergies, or asthma?


Discover where nutrients are absorbed and what can stand in their way?

Intestinal permeability and food sensitivities.

The Role of the gut microbiome: SIBO, and dysbiosis.

What digestive challenges are more common in women?

Get your answers questioned and start experiencing harmony within!


Understanding the Common Allergens


Adding in Nutritious Foods


Energy Hacking

"You are what you absorb."
- Strength Sensei

Regular Consultations

Our one-on-one health coaching is an incredibly effective tool to identify, enact and sustain improvements in your life.

Are you ready to embrace what makes you?

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