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Are Scars Making You Fat – Mahida Fatima

Are Scars Making You Fat

Article Author:

Fatima Mahida

I bet you never saw that one coming…

In this day and age, we can think of a few things that work against us in our will to look our very best. We probably never considered surgical scars. Here’s why we should!

First off, let’s consider that surgical scars, although sometimes absolutely necessary, are not physiological. Let’s consider that the skin is our most voluminous organ. It was intended to cover up the entire body, with no interruptions.

So what happens when there is an interruption in the matrix? A few things happen. One of them can potentially throw off your metabolism.

Simply, friction against a scar can create a cascade of events leading to blood sugar management issues.

Some scars are more sensitive than others and some scars are located in areas where friction is inevitable. Clothing provides friction, for example.

Friction of the scar can alter the circulation of the blood in our body. It is perceived as a stressor by the organism. This modification of blood circulation leads to a surge of adrenalin.

Because the brushing of clothing against a scar is continuous, the production of adrenalin is as well. Here is where things get ugly!

The production of adrenalin tires the body out because it is in action mode as long as there is adrenalin production. Action mode means energy expenditure.

With an increase in energy expenditure, more glucose needs to be utilized and so the demand for glucose increases. We obtain glucose from the breakdown of our foods.

This is what impacts our blood sugar levels. They are essentially always fluctuating and, classically, hypoglycemia becomes a daily reality.

Hypoglycemia is what happens when blood sugar drops below normal levels. The body cannot function well in that state. So guess what happens? You get hungry… and you eat.

Eating is fine. But when you need to eat to normalize blood sugar levels that are disrupted by the effects of a scar or many scars on your body, that’s not cool.

At its worse, this phenomenon can even lead to hypertension as the heart now has to work harder at making sure the cells of your body are nourished.

How would you know if a scar is problematic?

If you’ve had any type of issue after surgery that has been with you since and wasn’t there before the operation, that’s a pretty interesting sign. It could be that you developed migraines, upset stomach, and disturbed sleep patterns since.

As well, if the skin is hyper or hypo sensitive, it’s another sign that is can be creating imbalances of various kinds in your body.

So, what’s a girl to do, you ask?

There are solutions as scars can be treated as to diminish and, in the best-case scenario, eliminate the negative effects they can have on the body.

Here are a few solutions:

– Massage therapy with a focus on adhesions or scar tissue is quite effective in reducing the effects of the surgical scar on the body.

It’s hard to say how many sessions are needed. Your best bet is to learn how to do it yourself by asking a specialist to coach you.

Then, ideally, you would massage the scar for 1-3 minutes up to 3 times a week.

– Create a blissful nurturing skincare routine with my absolute favorite skincare wellness line Smooth CBD lotion.

– Also, use of a few essential oils has proven quite beneficial over the years. More specifically, helichrysum is the top choice!

Others are also beneficial such as rose wood, lavender aspic and peppermint oil.

So there you have it girl… take a look at those scars and address them for a new you!


Some scars are more sensitive than others and some scars are located in areas where friction is inevitable. Clothing provides friction, for example.